Defined as contemplation of one’s own thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Introspection, in my opinion, should be a normal part of our lives.  In most cases it is not.  How often do we actually look deep inside?  Past the flaws and insecurities to our inner most feelings and examine ourselves.  I know I should be doing it more often than I do.  It is definitely easier to ignore it all and not look deep enough.  If I look deeply enough I might discover just how selfish I really am with some of my family and friends.  In other cases I discover how hurtful it can be to have a one-sided relationship.

I have no other words on this subject at this time other than I am planning on spending my very limited spare time on people who enrich my life and much less time on people who seem disinterested in pursuing a wholesome relationship with me and my family.