transitive verb
To test ones knowledge by posing questions.

Tonight is the night.  The Hobart Telephone Sales Social Club’s annual quiz night at Hadley’s Hotel.
I haven’t been for a few years so it will be great to have the chance to go again.
We have a team made up of people from my work team.  10 of the smartest among us, well, 9 plus me… haha!
I am seriously doubting my ability to perform well tonight though.  It should be fun either way but I hope I can at least help a little bit.

A building (or part of a building) or any place used as a place where meals are prepared and/or served to its clientele.

On Saturday night we are heading out for dinner, again with the work crew, to Ristorante Da Angelo in Battery Point.  It is a lovely little restaurant with delicious food, and quite cheap too.  I can’t wait.

informal noun
A term referring to people who dwell in rural areas. Frequently considered derogatory. Also used in celebration of their culture by people fitting the stereotype.
Synonyms: Redneck, Bushwhacker, Hick.

On Sunday I plan to head up to the Sporting Shooter’s Association of Australia‘s rifle range in Pontville for a couple of shots before lunch.  They are running the 50m Rimfire Benchrest this month.  After that I believe we are doing something with Wendy and family.

All in all it should be one of the better weekends I have had recently.