The constraining power of a promise, contract, law, or sense of duty.

I feel that I need to post something here.  It has been so long now that it is almost a forgotten obligation, slipping to the back of my mind as if I could just forget to ever come back here.  I don’t want to forget.  There may be so few of you actually reading this but I think it helps me to vent.  It gives me an outlet for my feelings, gives me a voice, a voice that would remain unheard otherwise, out of gutlessness.

I don’t have anything meaty to write today.  Nothing has really happened in the past week to warrant it.  Everything is just fine and normal.

We have done a little gardening, for the first time in a while, in the last few days. We planted some pea seeds on Sunday and I planted some onion seeds about a week ago.  I’m waiting for the onions to sprout.  The grass seeds which somehow find their way into the garden seem to be germinating quite well at the moment though.  We bought some more herbs this week too.  We now have Parsley*, Sage*, Rosemary*, Chives*, Oregano and Thyme.  (* = all planted previously).  It’s quite a collection now.  We plan to have the perennial herbs (the ones that grow for more than one season) around a wood fired pizza oven one day, when we actually start the building process.  Just another job on the list that will never get started I’m sure.

I’m so tired that I have to choose to go to bed now and not fall asleep on the couch with the laptop on my knees.  I guess it is 12:15 am but I feel like I only just got home from work (how has it been 45 minutes already?)

I will try to keep up with the blog better this week and give you more than the occasional obligatory post.