A local swelling of the skin that contains watery fluid and is caused by burning, friction or irritation.

Blisters.  I really hate them.  They come every time you actually decide to get off your arse and do some hard work instead of sitting on the couch doing nothing at all.  Today it was while I was putting the garden edging in place and trying to hammer a lot of pieces of reinforcing rod through the timber to keep it in place.  I had drilled 10mm holes but probably needed a 12mm drill bit.  I got half of them done but now have a blister which is causing problems with completing said task.  I will attempt it again tomorrow.

It would be nice to be able to get some hard work done without my basically-a-secretary hands being pummelled.  I’m not made for that kind of work any more.

After I got the blister, Courtney and I started pulling clumps of grass and weeds from along the fence line where we are putting the limestone gravel so that it has a neat edge and no lumps.  We got a fair bit done and put gravel along all the edges of the weed mat where we had cleared the weeds to anchor it down and stop the wind from getting it any more.  The plan is to get wheelbarrows going on Saturday with the help of Steve, Jill’s partner.

Again I ask that luck be wished.  Thanks.