They say change is as good as a holiday. I am going this change is better.

Yesterday I made the change from Telstra to Optus for my mobile. I have been a Telstra customer for nearly 10 years and have never got any benefit from them at all for my years of loyalty. Thousands and thousands of dollars have been spent with them over the years and they still only offer the same shitty deals as if I had just signed up.

I walked into the optus shop at Raymond Terrace while I was away and realised how much better their plans were and just had to go for it.

$59 a month gets me unlimited text messages and MMS, free calls to Optus mobiles, unlimited Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Foursquare. 2GB of data and $450 of credit per month for everything else.

I also got this snazzy new phone too. The Samsung Galaxy S. An iPhone challenger and it is petty damn good. Plenty of apps to download,  there is usually an android version of popular iPhone apps or a copy-cat version to do the same thing.

When I asked Telstra about upgrading they were going to charge me $110 to cancel my current plan even though I was happy to upgrade with them to get the same phone I got with Optus. I figured if Telstra were going to charge me the same to upgrade or cancel I might as well go with Optus and their awesome plan. When I told Optus that I was sick of Telstra after 10 years they threw in $50 to go towards cancellation fees through Telstra. That’s better service than I ever got through Telstra.

Let’s hope it is as good for the next 24 months as I am stuck with them now!