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Something completed successfully; an achievement.

I feel as if we have accomplished a lot today.
This morning we had a delivery of 3 cubic metres of limestone gravel delivered to finally finish off the vegetable garden section of our yard.
Yesterday I went to bunnings to get some timber as a border between the gravel and what will eventually be lawn.  We are hoping to get that in place before I leave for work today.  Might be a bit of a stretch but we will try.
We built the last of our 5 garden beds today too.  Just have to get some manure from the racecourse across the road to fill it with.
We also need to put down some weed mat and pull out the large weeds from the edges where the gravel will be going.
Once all of that is done the hard work will begin… Shovelling gravel.

Wish us luck.


You’re Fake

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Having a false or misleading appearance.

You’re fake, and you know it.  You don’t even care that everyone knows it.

I don’t have a problem with people are always angry or disinterested in me, I just don’t have the time for them, but the ones who are make-me-want-to-vomit type nice one day and turn into a complete mole the next really piss me off.

Make up your mind on whether you like me or not.  I’m not going to entertain your multiple personalities any longer.


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The constraining power of a promise, contract, law, or sense of duty.

I feel that I need to post something here.  It has been so long now that it is almost a forgotten obligation, slipping to the back of my mind as if I could just forget to ever come back here.  I don’t want to forget.  There may be so few of you actually reading this but I think it helps me to vent.  It gives me an outlet for my feelings, gives me a voice, a voice that would remain unheard otherwise, out of gutlessness.

I don’t have anything meaty to write today.  Nothing has really happened in the past week to warrant it.  Everything is just fine and normal.

We have done a little gardening, for the first time in a while, in the last few days. We planted some pea seeds on Sunday and I planted some onion seeds about a week ago.  I’m waiting for the onions to sprout.  The grass seeds which somehow find their way into the garden seem to be germinating quite well at the moment though.  We bought some more herbs this week too.  We now have Parsley*, Sage*, Rosemary*, Chives*, Oregano and Thyme.  (* = all planted previously).  It’s quite a collection now.  We plan to have the perennial herbs (the ones that grow for more than one season) around a wood fired pizza oven one day, when we actually start the building process.  Just another job on the list that will never get started I’m sure.

I’m so tired that I have to choose to go to bed now and not fall asleep on the couch with the laptop on my knees.  I guess it is 12:15 am but I feel like I only just got home from work (how has it been 45 minutes already?)

I will try to keep up with the blog better this week and give you more than the occasional obligatory post.


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Not to be believed; incredible

Abbie slept in today.  It is unbelievable.
After having trouble getting to sleep and still being awake at 0100 this morning Abbie decided it would be nice to give Daddy a sleep in.
She didn’t wake up until 0946 today.  I actually got up before her.  She normally wouldn’t sleep past 0730.
The poor little thing definitely needed a new nappy when she did get up and she was starving.
Thanks Abbie.


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transitive verb
To make weary by being dull, repetitive, or tedious.

Today I have been bored.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that almost every minute of the day I was bored.
The best part of the day will be when I’m snuggled up in bed sleeping.
Hopefully tomorrow bring a little more excitement.
Night all.


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Lacking in sensitivity to the feelings or circumstances of others; unfeeling.

Facebook is so insensitive.  Or the people on Facebook are insensitive.
“Lacking in sensitivity to the feelings or circumstances of others”.
A mother’s son died today in Port Stephens.  My little brother’s 17-year-old friend.  It was a motorcycle accident.
There is absolutely no reason that the person that told him should have found this out on Facebook.
Things like this should NEVER be posted on Facebook in the early stages.  The family and ALL close friends should have the chance to be told in person before finding it on Facebook.
I read recently that a mother found out that their son had died in a car accident a few hours earlier when she logged on to Facebook.  How would you take the news that way?
Life should be celebrated on Facebook, death should not be advertised.
Please show some sensitivity should anything like this ever happen to you or your friends.  Make sure everyone is aware before posting your obituary notices in cyber-space.

I’m open to comments and thoughts on this subject.

A Terrible Mix

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intransitive verb
To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

1. the act or an instance of distracting or the state of being distracted
2. something that serves as a diversion or entertainment
3. an interruption; an obstacle to concentration

“habitual laziness”.
That says it pretty well.
There are things that need doing around the house.
I know there are.
I know what needs doing.
But habitual laziness causes procrastination, which in turn is exasperated by distraction and whoops, there goes the day again.
I need to find some motivation and fast.

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